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There is no magic solution to make money by trading with them or any broker for that matter.

Some Trader have their system and their software or binary.com bot. But you have to trust yourself, the only way you can really make money trading options (or any instrument) is by learning to trade well.

Not only is this the most realistic way to make money on Binary.com but it is also the most profitable in the long term. It means that you don’t fall for scams or get rich quick schemes.

If the question was how to improve your trading, then there are a number of ways you can do this:

1. Adjust your expectations or traget. Trading binary options is not a magic bullet that will lead to endless riches. It is just like trading any other instrument in that there is risk involved and you should always be mindful of that. Have realistic goals and set them in accordance with your experience.

2. Learn the fundamentals. You cannot trade binary options or any financial derivative if you do not have an understanding of how the underlying asset itself will move. That is why it is helpful to have knowledge of how forex, equities or commodities react.

3. Spruce up your option theory. Although you don’t need to know all of the nuances of binary option pricing, having an understanding of the main inputs as well as the manner in which they react to market movements is helpful. Factors such as volatility, expiry time etc will have a great impact on the eventual trade payoff.
4.Have strategies. There are three strategies that you need to have before you can properly trade binary options. You need to have a trading strategy (be it technical, fundamental or both), a risk management strategy and a money management strategy. Each of these strategies help your long term profitability in different ways.

5. Practice: No amount of theory, strategy or plan will prepare you for actually trading. You need to trade on demo first with funds that you can top up on a regular basis. This will allow you to get a good grasp of how these operate and how profitable it is likely to be when you actually start trading. Binary option demo accounts are the best solution for you when it comes to practising your strategy.

6. Practice: A little more practice wont kill you.

7. Practice: Just for the safety of knowing that your strategy is down pat.

8. Trade on a live account: Once you are ready to take the final step and trade on a live account, you can do that. You may want to use the same platform that you were using while testing. Always monitor your strategy and be willing to adapt it if you find that it needs to be tweaked. Don’t be stubborn

Of course, these are just guidelines and you should choose wisely. Also know that there is always risk involved and you should not invest more money than you can afford to.

How to make money online on binary.com???

What іs Bitcoin Mining?

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Lets get a lot of ฿itcoin within a short time at:

Bitcoin mining іs thе wау tоwаrd adding exchange records tо Bitcoin’s open record оf раst transactions оr blockchain. Тhіs record оf раst transactions іs knоwn аs thе block chain аs іt іs а chain оf blocks. Тhе block chain serves tо affirm transactions tо thе remainder оf thе system аs hаvіng occurred.
Bitcoin nodes utilize thе block chain tо recognize authentic Bitcoin transactions frоm endeavors tо re-spend coins thаt hаvе јust bееn spent sоmеwhеrе else.
You саn mine bitcoins, but аt thе sаmе time, there’s Ethereum mininglitecoin mining аnd sо on. Тhеrе аrе loads аnd heaps оf coins tо mine. Ве thаt аs іt may, etherium mining аnd bitcoin mining аrе standard аnd thеу аrе thе оnеs wіth аn immense number оf miners bеhіnd іt mining. Fоr а reward.
It’s а decentralized computational procedure thаt fills 2 needs:
Affirms transactions іn а guarded аnd confided іn process.
Makes nеw bitcoins іn еасh block

Ноw Bitcoin Mining Works

Where dо bitcoins originate from? Wіth paper bills, аn administration chooses whеn tо print аnd disseminate cash. Bitcoin dоеsn’t hаvе а central government.
With Bitcoin, miners utilize exceptional software tо tаkе care оf math problems аnd аrе issued а specific number оf bitcoins іn return. Тhіs gіvеs а shrewd method tо issue thе currency аnd furthеrmоrе mаkеs аn impetus fоr mоrе individuals tо mine.
Bitcoin miners help kеер thе Bitcoin organize secure bу favoring transactions. Mining іs аn imperative аnd basic piece оf Bitcoin thаt guarantees decency whіlе keeping thе Bitcoin arrange steady, protected аnd secure.

What іs Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining оr cloud hashing empowers clients tо buy bitcoin mining оr Ethereum Mining limit оf equipment іn server farms. Bitcoin Cloud Mining empowers individuals tо acquire Bitcoins wіthоut overseeing equipment оr software оr electricity оr data transfer capacity. Тhіs empowers proprietors tо bargain wіth nо оf thе issues nоrmаllу experienced whеn mining bitcoins.


Calm іn light оf thе fact thаt nо equipment thаt mаkеs noise
No expense fоr electricity
No bitcoin mining gear tо sell
No ventilation required reason nо equipment.
In thіs way, nо excess heat tо manage.


No fun, оn thе оff chance thаt уоu lіkе tо gеt things dоnе wіthоut аnуоnе еlsе аnd gеt direct experience fixing whеn things gо badly wіth thе hardware
Lower profit bесаusе bitcoin cloud mining services hаvе costs аnd expenses.
Absence оf capacity tо change bitcoin mining software.

Bitcoin mining & Ethereum Mining іs deliberately intended tо bе serious аnd troublesome wіth thе goal thаt thе number оf blocks fоund еvеrу day bу miners stays unfaltering. Singular blocks must соntаіn а proof оf work tо bе viewed аs substantial. Тhіs confirmation оf work іs checked bу оthеr Bitcoin nodes еасh time thеу gеt а block. Bitcoin utilizes thе hash proof оf work.
The basic role оf mining іs tо permit Bitcoin nodes tо соmе tо а safe, alter safe and tamper resistant consensus. Mining іs additionally thе instrument usеd tо bring Bitcoins іntо thе framework: Miners аrе paid аnу exchange expenses јust аs а “sponsorship” оf rесеntlу mаdе coins.
This thе twо effectively disseminates nеw coins іn а decentralized wау јust аs rousing individuals tо gіvе security tо thе framework.
Crypto Mining requires effort аnd іt gradually mаkеs nеw money accessible аt а rate thаt lооks lіkе thе rate аt whісh gold аrе mined starting frоm thе earliest stage.
Clients оf facilitated Mining hardware саn еіthеr rent а physical mining server оr а Virtual private server аnd introduce mining software оn thе machine. Rаthеr thаn renting а devoted server, а fеw services offer hashing power facilitated іn server farms аvаіlаblе tо bе purchased designated іn Gigahash/seconds (GH/s); Users еіthеr select аn ideal measure оf hashing power аnd а period fоr thе agreement. Оr оn thе оthеr hand nоw аnd аgаіn саn exchange thеіr hashing power.
Continue on our site and start Litecoin MiningEthereum mining or Bitcoin mining over the cloud. It’s 24/7 on multiple different private servers around the world. Additionally it is hassle free. All you have to do, is put in your bitcoin or etherium address and voila. You are all set to go, thanks to Btcmaxs.com

Fast Bitcoin Mining Generator

Strategy to Make More Money through Binary Option Trading

You certainly want to know how to get money, not only through one binary option trading transaction that you do online, but continuous and continuous profits. With this in mind, we invite you to see further the guidelines on this page that provide various unique ways that have been proven successful by many binary options players.

You certainly realize that there is always a risk when you decide to start trading binary options online. But if you really understand what risks you will face, as well as prepare a disciplined and planned trading strategy, then you will get various profits both in the short and long term.

How much money can I make through Binary Trading Options?

We find that many binary option players protect their binary option transactions from the very first time they join and enter the world of binary options trading, they protect their initial transactions by registering on many trading sites and utilizing the initial registration bonus on each of these trading sites that enables them make transactions that are opposite of the previous transaction with the bonus money. This is done to ensure that they continue to get profits regardless of where the commodity value moves.

Is there a smart way to use bonuses from the binary option site?

As we explained above, the smartest way to take advantage of a bonus from a binary option trading site is to take a bonus from another site, then make two opposite side transactions on your trading assets through two different brokerage sites. This will guarantee that one of these transactions will give you profit, and the money you use to make the transaction comes from the bonus you get and not your money, so you will definitely make a profit.

What is the best way to reduce banking costs in trading binary options?

It often happens, you have to pay a large amount of banking fees when you make a deposit to your account and when you want to withdraw your profits from a binary option trading site, on that basis, you need to understand what costs you must pay if you make a deposit or withdrawal of your profit money.

One of the most effective methods is to make a deposit through a debit card, the deposited money will be taken directly from your credit card account and directly into your trading account, plus when you want to withdraw your profit, the money will be transferred directly to your credit card , and usually the bank takes several days to verify the transfer that enters your account.

Avoid and never use the services of a money transfer company such as moneyGram or Western Union to make a deposit to your online trading account, because the cost that you will pay will be very large, and it will take a long time for your account deposit process to complete.

Online wallet or electronic wallet is the most recommended method because many people still don't have a credit card. Using an online wallet can instantly deposit into your trading account at a low cost. Today many online trading sites accept payments through PayPal, Skrill and Neteller and you can also withdraw your profits into your online wallet whenever you want.

How do I lock in the profits that I have made even though the transaction time is not finished?

You must wait for the active period of your binary options transaction to determine whether your transaction is profitable or detrimental to you, and you may be the type of person who must have certainty that the transaction you make must generate profit when your trading commodity value reaches a certain value. On that basis we introduce you to the option of early exit.

When you have made a binary option transaction, and the value of your transaction asset reaches a number that gives you profit if you continue to be at that level when the active period of the transaction ends, then you are given the option to be able to do early exit. When you decide for early exit, you can end the transaction at that time and you will certainly get a profit. However, your profits will decrease because there are costs that must be incurred to be able to use early exit, you must be aware of this.

Another way for you to get a definite profit when your trading commodity value reaches a certain number is to use the One Touch option. When the value of your trading commodity reaches a certain level, your transaction is guaranteed to be profitable, even though the value of your trading commodity will change again or again. So make sure you find out whether your trading transaction can use the One Touch option.

Strategy to Make More Money through Binary Option Trading-JB88

Forex Strategy 100% Profit

Do you believe that there is actually a forex strategy that can be 100% profit? You must believe ...!
Previously, please distinguish between 100% win and 100% profit. When we measure an accuracy, of course there is a variable in time. That is the timeframe needed to calculate the total data to be calculated.
So, if so, because every transaction we have the possibility of winning or losing, the longer the time span for calculating data, the greater the likelihood that in that period our transactions will be defeated.

So the conclusion in a certain period of time still allows there is a strategy that has a transaction of 100% win. For 100% of this win we must focus on the quality of analysis.

What about a 100% profit strategy?

Same with the 100% win strategy, in a certain period of time there must be a strategy that can generate profits. This means that this strategy does not focus too much on each transaction, but rather focuses on the end of the period which is definitely profit.
So that the 100% profit strategy focuses more on money management


I have a strategy that in 100 weeks is definitely a profit of $ 100.

Note that here the strategy function is only to ensure that every week 100% must be $ 100 profit. Thus it doesn't matter what percentage of the winnings, what matters every week is definitely a $ 100 profit.
So you can just fill in the rules of my strategy like this:
1. Entry point uses analysis of golden kross MA
2. The target of each transaction is 10 points
3. Lot of each transaction is 0.1, so the profit of each transaction is $ 10
4. If my transaction loses, the next transaction uses the martingale system.
5. After the transaction results in the week have reached $ 100 profit. I stopped trading until the following week.
6. The next step is discipline to apply the strategy rules.
From the example above we now know that the forex strategy of 100% profit exists, it's just that it needs a time limit for using that strategy. And you can create it yourself.

Forex Strategy 100% Profit-JB88

Binary Options trading requires very little experience. 5 The most effective strategy

It has become a common misconception that binary options trading can only be completed by someone who has a certain amount of experience in that area. No need to have any experience in trading financial products and with a little time, any level of ability can master the concept of trading binary options. The basic requirement is to predict the direction to be taken by asset prices. The price will go up (call) or drop (put).

How to minimize risk

Our goal is to provide you with effective strategies that will help you capitalize on your feedback. This simple technique will help you identify certain signals in the market that guide you to make the right moves in trading binary options. Minimize risk is important for every trader and there are several important principles that lead to help you in this area. Binary options trading can present several risks, but to reduce it, do the following points:

  • Never invest your entire capital on one occasion
  • Research the dynamics of your trading assets before investing
  • Practice the strategy by investing only 5 to 10 percent of your capital per placement.


There are several assets to choose from in binary options trading. However, the oldest and most effective approach to minimizing risk is to focus on a single asset. Trade the assets you are most familiar with such as the euro-dollar exchange rate. Consistently, trading these products will help you gain familiarity and predict the direction of values that will be easier to guess. There are two types of strategies which will be explained below, which can be a big advantage in trading binary options.

1. Strategy Trends

This strategy is a strategy adopted by beginners and also experienced traders. This strategy usually refers to a bull-bear strategy and focuses on monitoring, raising, lowering and flattening trend lines from traded assets. If there is a horizontal trend line and predictions that asset prices can increase, the No Touch option is recommended.

If the trend line shows that the asset will increase, select CALL.
If the trend line shows a decline in asset prices, choose PUT.
This method works in conjunction with the CALL / PUT option except in this case you choose the price at which the asset should not reach its point before the selected period. For example, Google's stock price is $ 540 and the trading platform is at the No Touch price of $ 570 with a return percentage of 77%. If the price doesn't reach $ 570 after a specific time, then there will be profits.

2. Straddle strategy

This strategy is best applied during market volatility and immediately after the pause of important news about specific stocks or when analyst predictions are considered floating. This is a valuable strategy used by the entire global trading community. This strategy is known as the best for presenting the ability of traders to prevent the selection of CALL and PUT options, and instead take both of the selected assets.

The overall idea is to use PUT when the asset value increases, but there are indications or beliefs that the value will decrease immediately. When the decline is set, place the CALL option, hoping that the value will bounce up immediately. This can also be done in the opposite direction, by placing the CALL option on low valued assets and PUT on the value of the asset being increased. This will certainly increase the chances of success at least in one trading option by producing profitable decisions. Straddle strategies greatly admire traders when the market goes up and down or when certain assets have a volatile value.

3. Risk Reversal Strategy

This strategy is certainly one of the most calculated strategies among binary options traders around the world. The strategy aims to reduce the risk factors associated with trade and increase the chances of successful results, which generate profits. This strategy is executed by placing CALL and PUT options simultaneously on individual reference assets. This is especially useful when trading assets with fluctuating values. Naturally, binary options can bring two possible results and trade two for two predictions that are opposite to individual assets once, by guaranteeing that at least one of them will bring positive results.

4. Hedging Strategy

This strategy is generally recognized as Pairing and is mostly used in conjunction with traditional traders, investors, and binary options stock exchanges, as a cause of protection and minimizing accumulated risks. This strategy is executed by placing Call and Put on the same asset at the same time. This ensures that no matter how asset value leads, trade will bring successful results. This situation gives investors income from the results of favorable decisions. This is the greatest meaning of self-protection as an investor in any scenario that arises. This is a kind of insurance method that prepares various scenarios for you.

5. Fundamental Analysis

This strategy is mostly used throughout stock trading and especially by traders to bring benefits to a better understanding of the assets they choose. This will increase the chance of accuracy in predictions regarding future price changes. This approach involves providing in-depth reviews of all company finances. This information must include income reports, market shares, and financial statements.

This review helps traders to better understand previous asset activities and their reactions to certain financial or economic changes. This review helps traders to make strong predictions under conditions familiar with future trading strategies. Keep in mind that using a good binary trading robot can help you through this stage fully.

Binary Options trading requires very little experience, here are The most effective strategy-JB88

Secondary Binary Rise Fall Trading Strategy

This strategy for binary rise fall trading with a duration of 15 seconds, where the indicator that I use is high school, EMA and Bolinger Bands with the setting 20. Hopefully this trick can help how the right OP to achieve profit.

After we set the indicator, we pay attention to the direction of the candle stick where it is going, it can be seen by looking at the lines of the SMA and EMA, if the EMA line has cut the SMA line whether ascending or downward the direction of the candle is ascertained. we can take the OP to here, and also I usually rely on that line using Indicator Bolinger Bands, and look at the direction of the worm, while looking at the candlelight graph.

For example, for the OP chart to go down, I usually wait until the direction of the candle chart movement has not gone up and down again, which is marked by the movement of one straight color worm continuously, at that time we directly OP with 15 seconds duration.


The point is we must be observant and patient, see the direction of the worm and the graph for the OP, these tips do not guarantee you continued profits, depending on us the right OP.
I hope this strategy can be helpful and useful.

Greetings Profit :)

Hopefully the Second Binary Rise Fall Duration Strategy Trading article is useful for you. If you like the Second Binary Rise Fall Duration Strategy Trading article, like and share your friends.

Secondary Binary Rise Fall Trading Strategy-JB88

10-fold Profit Strategy in 15 Minutes!

I will share the secret of doubling your money up to 10 times in 15 minutes. The specialty is that this technique adheres to the principle of Low Risk - High Return, so that it can be started with small capital with results many times greater.
The second privilege is that the purchase contract does not need to take dozens of steps to create the right predictions, because that is the name test luck, gambling, a maximum of 1-2 times a step and do not need martingale (risking capital doubled with the expectation of predictions) next right).
Not only that the win ratio of this technique is definitely 90% profit, if possible, after you know the secret, you can save it yourself, because when many people know and apply this secret method, it is feared that binary will be discovered and they will look for ways to technique This secret cannot be applied.
Immediately join in to get this secret now! Before more and more people know and are detected by binaries so that later can no longer be applied, be the first person to dredge as many dollars in binary, get it now!

The following are the main points of ebook for Jurisprudence
  • Adhering to the principle of small risk big results (Low Risk - High Return).
  • Win ratio is 90% for sure because it's not predictive science but exact science, I guarantee!
  • Teach profit transactions 10 times the money you trade.
  • Don't need martingale (risk capital twice as much in the next transaction in the hope that the next prediction is right).
  •  Not prediction but exact science, so that there is enough loss at only 1-2 times (maximum) where the next transaction of profit has closed the previous loss (not martingale because per direct profit transaction is 10 times).
  • How to make a deposit and withdraw via an agent so that the process of logging in and out of your account can be processed immediately in minutes.
  • It's really a secret that I use myself, it's very dangerous if it is known by binary, my colleague is furious when I decide to share this secret, I share because I used to like you, want to make money from trading but capital is minimal, for those of you who financially established, this ebook is not very necessary.
  • This secret technique of my own findings is not the result of other ebooks or the results of tracing training materials elsewhere, in this ebook I also describe other material that is generally taught in binary training where the training costs reach millions of dollars, so get it before more others know!

10-fold Profit Strategy in 15 Minutes!-JB88

5 Strategies From Traders With Magic Success of $ 600 to $ 100,000

Success stories of many traders circulating on the internet, including this one. A full-time trader from Sydney, Australia, named J Park, was highlighted by MarketWatch's leading media thanks to his fantastic screenshot results. He managed to manage a fund of USD600 which was deposited in March 2014 to USD100,000 as of February 2017. It's amazing, isn't it? Here are some things J Park recommends for beginner traders, as quoted from his interview with Mike Bellafiore from SMB Capital.

1. Absorb Knowledge From Various Sources

"I made easy money (100% luck), consumed several trading accounts, (then) started again with a $ 600 account for the third time and recently the overall profit has exceeded $ 100,000," Park said, adding that he learned from several mentor, "I learned a lot from many people.

2. Ready to Work Hard to Conduct Research

"I trade or at least monitor market movements from 9:30 am to 4pm and do (research) needed outside trading hours in order to improve trading results (although at first I didn't even know how to do it)."

3. Never give up

"I have to deal with the same obstacles as small traders in general when starting trading. Less instructions, small accounts, high trading commissions; whatever the problem is, I experience it," Park said. "I think I can succeed because I don't use "obstacles" are the reasons why I have failed, and continue to empower time and energy to strive for success. "

4. Compare Yourself with Others

"I started posting my daily Profit / Loss on Twitter in mid-2016 as a way to objectively document my progress and connect with traders who might be at the same level," said Park. "I think this has greatly helped my progress, and I want to continue to learn from traders from various levels of ability."

5. Avoid the Two Main Mistakes of Beginner Traders

According to J Park, there are two problems that generally overshadow beginner traders:

  • Too focused on profit and loss, but not enough to pay attention to the trading process."If your strategy has shown resilience over time, the only thing you need to pay attention to is the execution of a consistent plan, then the profit / loss will be taken care of by itself."

  • Ignore the trading setup and not adjust it to yourself

"In my opinion, holding additional explanations for trading setups that make sense to you, as well as criteria for entry and exit, is the most important thing to build confidence in your trading activities."

What do you think about J Park's tips? Many of them are already familiar to the ears, but there are also messages that are quite inspiring, such as using social media as a learning material for forex trading by following twitter accounts and sharing with fellow traders. Many traders have actually undergone a similar process, especially at ForexFactory, where traders all over the world gather; but maybe rarely do they go as far as Park.

These tips sound simple, but the two themes that are repeated are sincerity and hard work. No one can succeed in trading suddenly like the fall of durian in broad daylight by relying on luck alone.

There are still many stories of other traders' successes, both by famous people and ordinary people, of which some are discussed in my article.

5 Strategies From Traders With Magic Success of $ 600 to $ 100,000-JB88

The Best Real Strategy Forex Trading Strategy 

You can have many wins in your forex transactions Today's lesson is very special because we will discuss about one of the best forex trading strategies available. If you master this strategy.
Before I discuss it further, you need to know that this is actually not a specific strategy. We prefer to call it a "mediocre" strategy that focuses on Technical Analysis of market movements, breakouts, bounces, and reversals. Usually we also always place odds on a positive risk / reward ratio so we only need to win 20-30 percent of each forex trade. This time I will teach you something really new in trading around Forex. Usually we observe the entire graph in search of mature technical signals. After that we enter into a trade based on the filter and confirmation of the signal that the target is greater than the stop loss.

This strategy utilizes certain market conditions, and does not use ALL technical signals or information available. In addition, this strategy also tries to use risk / negative reward ratios. Again, all of the above is not something special or new. However, there is one factor in one strategy that is more important than all the steps we have mentioned. In essence, you should not ignore the most important factors of all strategies, and how much money has been generated from each strategy. And the strategy that I will teach you this time is how to run the above strategy well.

So what is the strategy?

This strategy is designed in such a way as to make money when "Quiet Time" occurs on the Forex market. Quiet Time usually occurs at 17.00-02.00 New York time. In other words, Quiet Time is when a trader in New York rests and a trader in London starts Forex trading.
At that moment, the Forex market tends to float very slowly and quietly (so-called quiet). So, the opportunity to trade and all possibilities is very large. As the market moves forward and backward, there is a good chance there that when the market experiences over-extend to one side (up or down), it will return to the middle when Quiet Time.

Outside Quiet Time, the Forex market moves very dynamically. But when Quiet Time began, the market moved slowly and floated back and forth. Why did it happen? Because at that time, large banks that had an influence on the market were not involved in the market. That is, you don't need to compete with so many large financial institutions that can control prices up or down. In addition, many traders, even retail traders, have entered the trade in another session and now they are waiting for the next session to move prices towards the stop and target. In other words, the majority of traders enter trading on sessions outside Quiet Time and most of them determine stops and targets that are difficult to achieve if the market moves slowly during Quiet Time. So, at that moment there is no reason for the market to move up because the order is entered or the trade is closed. Now, the strategy I mean is not just buying when the market goes down and sells when the market moves up. Not as simple as that even though I personally also want it.

The first thing you have to remember is to realize that not all currency pairs have the same value at times like this. For example, because Quiet Time only happened in New York, and the trading session in Asia just started, making transactions involving JPY was a really bad thing. The majority of currency pairs do not move at Quiet Time, but for JPY, Quiet Time in New York is the beginning of a trading session in Asia. Other currencies that you should not trade when Quiet Time is USD. Because USD is the most difficult currency to trade, it is not a good idea to trade USD when Quiet Time. So I suggest these two pairs of currencies that you should trade when Quiet Time, namely EUR / CAD and GBP / CAD. Yes, those two.

We have tested it several times and come to the conclusion that those two currency pairs have consistency when Quiet Time. The movement of both of them is enough to help you reach the target you set. Both also tend to float back at prices opened when Quiet Time, which is around 75% at that time. So, your winning percentage skyrocketed.

We ourselves have won 86% of our last 623 trades with these two currency pairs because both of them are the best currency pairs when Quiet Time. So now you already know why we transact at Quiet Time, and what we trade when Quiet Time. Let's discuss how to transact when Quiet Time.

The process is very simple because it only uses manual trading strategies, not with complex and complex automated programs.

Following are the rules for manual trading:
• Mark the price open at Quiet Time (17.00 New York time).
• Place one Short Pending Order at 15 pips above the open price (12 Pip Stop, 10 Pip targets).
• Place one Long Pending Order at 15 pips below the open price (12 pip stop, 10 pip target).
• If there is one order, cancel the other order.
• If one trade is still open at the end of Quiet Time (around 02.00 New York time), and none of the orders are made, close all orders.

Such is the manual trading rule that you will use if you want to trade EUR / CAD or GBP / CAD during Quiet Time. As I said, this is far different from an automated program that can generate millions of dollars more than can be done manually and he can also move quickly.
With manual numbers and a possible profit of 75% of all your trades, the calculation of the 100 trades entered will be like this:

• 100 trades
• 25 losses @ 12 pips: Total -300
• 75 profit @ 10 pips: total +750.
• Net profit: +450 pips in 100 trades.

The calculation above is a mere numerical hypothesis. Of course, the calculation will also be influenced by some of the profits taken and some administrative costs and market fluctuations. Do you still remember my explanation about negative risk / reward ratio?

That's where the negative risk / reward ratio plays a role. Because the above trade has been arranged in such a way as a negative risk / reward ratio plus the trade management applied it turns out to make it worse because of the small profit taking, the account balance ends with the results below the average.

Notice how the numbers change in real life because of market conditions, trade management controls, and break-even trading.
Now you understand why it is important to have a high profit percentage when the R / R ratio is not more than 2 Risk and 1 Reward. However, these figures show how strong this strategy is because it is supported by consistent market conditions. So I have explained all the great things about this strategy. But now, we need to talk about the downside.

One of the negative side of this strategy is that the price of spreads becomes high when Quiet Time. Often, because of the conditions that are very possible to make entries, the broker will increase the price of the spread to six, eight and even 10 pips so that it makes trading more difficult.

Then there are two ways to fight this kind of intrigue:
• Search for brokers with low spread prices. Remember, there is no broker who is "kind" when Quiet Time. But if you switch from a broker that charges 10 pips to a broker that is only 4 pips away, you have moved from adverse trading to profitable trading.

• Turn on the automatic monitor system to observe the market at that time. When the spread price drops to a fair point, enter the trade at that point. Remember, not all traders can do this. So, the number one option was more likely to be done.

Another issue is that it is difficult to implement a strategy perfectly, because of time constraints and the number of graphics that must be glared at. When you have to be in front of a monitor throughout the session and ready to open or close a trade, or postpone it, then there are many mistakes that can be made. Unfortunately, every mistake will have a big impact on the level of luck. So, as a manual trader, you must focus on your trade. Just a little wrong will destroy the chance to gain profit.

Speaking of success, this is the right time to define what is meant by a powerful strategy. Many people claim to have a system that generates 100% profit in one month or one week and me
I've also heard that someone gets 100% profit in one hour. If that's what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place.

Systems that can produce such profits never exist and will never exist. Someone who makes 100% profit in a month he will become the richest man in the world in a month since he started Forex trading. And if there is, you must have heard it. An impressive strategy is a system that can produce 5 to 10 percent a month. Actually it's not impressive anymore, like this, this elite is called.

Conclusions and opinions

And for us, three percent per month (or around that) is more than enough to be called an extraordinary profit. For example, you have US $ 10,000 in your savings and you can make seven percent a month with the Quiet Time strategy. You will be called extraordinary when you can turn US $ 10,000 into millions of dollars in just a few years with the Quiet Time strategy. Then you will be called a person with extraordinary income. With a number of reasonable goals, and an understanding of the Quiet Time strategy, I hope you are ready to become a successful Forex trader.

The Best Real Strategy Forex Trading Strategy-JB88

Benefits of Using a Trading Plan

In order to always get the continued benefits of trading Even though it requires extra time in the preparation, trading plans can be a savior of the risk of uncontrolled losses. Here are some benefits that you can get from using the trading plan below, there are several explanations so that your trading is always profitable.

1. Can regulate emotional trading

In the description above, the placement of options that are in accordance with risk management arrangements can prevent you from the possibility of overtrading. With the ease of placing options, choosing the type of trading, and minimum expiry time variations that only count minutes, binary options are indeed an attractive trading area for scalpers to add to their trading options out of plan. However, if you have set a trading plan and run it properly, you will avoid the desire to increase unnecessary trading risks. Determining the steps that are arranged in a binary options trading plan also provides stability and prevents you from trading without definite calculations.

2. Increase potential profit consistently and limit trading risk

With the use of instruments and trading strategies that have been arranged in such a way, trading results can be predicted with the possibility of a more stable profit and potential loss. This can help you to maintain a trading account for a long time. This situation can be exemplified from the following calculation:

Within a day, you open 3 options with a capital of $ 5 in each position. The payout ratio of each of these positions is 75%. If the three options end in-the-money, your profit can reach a maximum of $ 11.25, with a total payout reaching $ 26.25 per day. As for the possibility of risk will not exceed the $ 15 limit, because the three options are each placed with a capital of $ 5.

3. Can monitor trading performance

In the trading evaluation phase, you need to make a data recap so that you can draw conclusions from the trading process you just ran. This is useful for identifying which aspects of a trading plan need to be replaced, repaired or maintained. This method can improve your trading quality, because you can always learn to improve the trading plan you have and not repeat the same mistakes.
It requires managing a good trading plan so that your binary options trading can produce a consistent profit rate. Of course, being a serious trader or not all depends on your choice. One thing is certain, making a trading plan is a crucial step that you need to run if you want to get a stable level of profit from trading binary options. In addition, you also need to instill discipline to always obey the rules in the trading plan that you have created yourself.


In order for the traders to be able to get continuous profits, the trading can use the method above which I explained, hopefully the above explanation can be useful for the traders, good luck.

Benefits of Using a Trading Plan-JB88

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